I tried to place a buy limit order (successfully), but my buy limit order doesn't appear on the order page,
Previously I had opened a position.
In fact, I've tried it up to 3x and also reloaded the web, even though it was fine before.
tx hash:
  1. 0xf75a8e96d1d6444ca084d445913628d395ace85dae5c70fc3d8b79f5e0a92553
  2. 0x8b2692f745514ee3608341aa6813388dedb0304597eb1e00141807cae40795af
  3. 0xedddaffa7cd51309e76eac80d33ae03c733493a2716845dd2fbc00af1f1c63a6
my address : 0xDBdF965BA2Ff4D6B1145EB3151708d2F8fd74281